About us

Why InfoSec Center ?

Our comprehensive range of services, combined with flexible and cost-effective delivery options, provide a unique, integrated alternative to the traditional consultancy firm, publishing house, penetration tester or training provider.  We are committed to understand our client’s nature of business to accurately scope their cyber security needs.

  • Unusual blend of expertise in Cyber security technology training and operational security.
  • A highly accomplished team of security researchers and analysts.
  • Rich set of certifications such as: GREM, GCFE, CEH, CISA, IBM Security Group certifications and OCE Solaris 10 Security.
  • Services powered by state of the art in-house and partner technologies not available from other providers.
  • Strong local presence.

Our Values

We’ve spent years building the kind of place we’d want to work at. This is what’s important to us.

  • Make Stuff Better

    We want to aggressively make stuff better and with some hacker flair. If we aren’t adding value, pushing the boundaries and doing it with some counter culture style; whether it’s in our projects, research or wallpaper then we shouldn’t be doing it.

  • Care More

    We care a lot. Not in the wibbly wobbly hugs and cuddles kind of way, but in ‘a if it wasn’t for our people and customers we’d be dirt’ kind of a way. It’s the kind of stuff that has us pulling all nighters to get stuff done on a project to make it extra amazing, or figuring out how to get good coffee to our analysts when they’re stuck working out of the office.

  • Being Great

    We want to be great at what we do. Saying you want to be great is easy, spending time training instead of sleeping is when you make it happen. We’ll hire some of the best, and push them to live up to it be they hackers or leaders. Greatness doesn’t just happen, we’ll spend the time on our people to make it happen, offer them a fun and creative environment and interesting opportunities.

  • Honesty

    We’re straightforward. When stuff gets sticky, we’re honest and open and will hold eachother mutually accountable for mistakes but still care about fairness and juice. We’llalsobedecisivewhenweneed to be.


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